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Oxygen Pressure Gauges

Oxygen Flow Indicators / Blinkers


Oxygen Cylinder Assemblies

Oxygen Regulator Assemblies

Oxygen Valves

Fixed System Components

Portable System Components

Emergency Blowdown Bottles

C & L Aero is certified to service and repair the following components :

Component manufacturers we service :


SCOTT AVIATION                                          ALAR

AVOX SYSTEMS                                        AIR CORP  


ZODIAC                                                  ZEP-AERO



SKY-OX                                  Mtn HIGH AVIATION

AEROX                                           PRECISE FLIGHT

NELSON                                           FUTURECRAFT

CESSNA                                                         PIPER

BEECHCRAFT                                            MOONEY

HAWKER                                             and OTHERS



- Hydrostatic testing of oxygen cylinders

- Replacement cylinders - DOT 3AA; DOT 3HT; DOT SP8162

- Extra cylinders - DOT 3AL aliminum cylinders add capacity and

   duration to your flying times.

- Cylinder refills for walk-ins

- Cylinder refurbishing

- Repair / fabricate oxygen lines

- Fabricate refill / service adapters

- more ...


Additional services we provide :



C & L Aero also assists customers with their unconventional equipment, such as


  • after-market installations 

  • custom equipment

  • medical retrofits

  • restorations

  • vintage

  • modifications

  • obsolete components

  • SKY-OX regulators Models 2600; 2700

      2800 and 2900

  • AIR system components


There's more :





Please be aware there are companies on the internet that advertise repair and overhaul capabilities which are NOT FAA  repair stations. These companies farm out your equipment, and mark up original invoices.   Please VERIFY your initial      point of contact is certified to service your equipment.                                Otherwise, you will overpay for the job.     

                                         C & L Aero has a repair station certificate number #L0JR785Y.                                                     




C & L Aero is happy to be your provider for aircraft oxygen system components and hardware. We can supply  :

  • oxygen regulators

  • general aviation masks and cannulas

  • oxygen conserving cannulas

  • connectors

  • flow indicators and flow meters

  • cylinders and valves

  • gauges

  • fittings and adapters

  • high pressure flex lines

  • leak detecting fluid

  • much, much more...



Please give us a call for more details, or email us below !!!!


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