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Proudly bringing over 30 years of experience to our customers.

FAA Certified Repair Station # L0JR785Y


California Executive Order # N-33-20

has designated C & L Aero as an

"Essential Business". We are open

and operating during this Covid-19 pandemic.

About C & L Aero


In the late 1930’s, a CAA Certified Repair facility in the San Francisco Bay Area was formed. At that time, the repair station was also a teaching school for the repair and alteration of aircraft components. In 1943, the American-Air Instrument Repair company relocated to the Oakland airport and restructured itself into A.I.R. Corporation, dropping the teaching aspect of the business.  For the next 57 years, the company provided valued services to the aviation community and the U.S. military. In April of 2000, all assets of the company were purchased and relocated to Redding, CA. Now doing business as C & L Aero,  the company is looking to the future with renewed excitement and optimism.




Who is C & L Aero ?
C & L Aero is an authentic "mom and pop shop". When you call us, the owner answers the phone.
Linda, our General Manager, handles our purchasing, billing, shipping, and office.
She brings 22 years experience as a civilian mechanic working for NAS Alameda.
Jeff, our man of many hats, boasts over 36 years in the Repair Station business - as  technician, inspector, manager, etc...
And we are animal lovers !


Why Choose C & L Aero ?

Our Philosophy :


C & L Aero  shall provide quality repairs at competitive rates, always putting the customers’ concerns first. We believe, that with a good product and a low price, we can build a clientele that is satisfied and comfortable using our services.


Unlike larger, corporate owned shops, when discussing your project with C & L Aero, you will talk to a know- ledgeable technician familair with the components serviced - not a customer service representative behind a computer screen unfamiliar with the product.


C & L Aero has typical turn around  times of 24 to 48 hours.



                Services We Provide


  • Function testing of aircraft oxygen components

  • Repair services / Overhauls

  • Hydrostatic testing of cylinders

  • FAA Form 8130-3 certification

  • Sales of oxygen system components

  • Portable oxygen systems

  • Replacement cylinders

  • Free consultations - we are always happy to chat



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Hydrotest - Hydrostatic test - Hydrostatic testing - Oxygen - Aircraft Oxygen - Oxygen components - Oxygen regulators - Oxygen valves - Oxygen cylinders - Oxygen service - Repairs - Overhauls

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